Why SPP?

Client Focused. Clear Objectives. Winning Results.

SPP is a full-service public affairs, public relations, government affairs, issue management firm based in Columbus, Ohio that is dedicated to achieving winning results for our clients. For nearly twenty years we’ve helped organizations of all sizes change public policy and improve their image.

We win. And isn’t that why we’re all here?

No one likes losing. For nearly 20 years we’ve been fighting and winning some of the biggest policy, issue and communication battles in Ohio and across the country.  We don’t get paid to try. We get paid to win.

We get in the trenches and fight with you.

Anyone can throw you a slick, fancy-looking campaign plan. We’re different.  Not only can we craft you a world-class plan, but we’ll DO THE WORK to actually make it happen. We’re not afraid to make the calls, pound the pavement and pour our blood, sweat and tears into executing the plan.

We have long-standing relationships.

We’ve been doing this nearly 20 years, and we’ve developed deep relationships with media, elected officials and community leaders. We know and work with the people you need to connect with.

Creating buzz is our middle name.

We know how to make the right kind of noise. The kind that resonates. The kind that won’t go away. The kind that makes a real and lasting change with real people that have real stories.

We’re in the heart of the heartland.

The Midwest. The Great Lakes. The Battleground State. The place companies come to test their products and ideas. Whatever you want to call it, we’re here. We get it, we know it, and we thrive on it. We have the relationships, we know the people and we understand the issues. You can’t afford not to have a presence here.


We do it all.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking to build a coalition, public relations support, lobby at the Statehouse or anything in between, our team has decades of experience.


We’ve done this before, for some really big companies.

We’ve taken on some of the biggest issues for some of the largest organizations in the world across industries such as energy, manufacturing, technology, gaming, defense and health care. And we’ve won, creating sustained and lasting change.

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